St. Patricks Heartland


This is St. Patrick’s country. He came ashore and began his mission here, before returning at the end of his life. There’s no better place to trace his story and get close to his teaching.

Hear his story

The guardians of St. Patrick’s legacy are in Downpatrick. The Saint Patrick Centre’s interactive displays are a compelling way to hear his story. Down County Museum holds fascinating artefacts from his era, including the original Down high cross. The majesty of Down Cathedral is his final resting place.



Saint Patrick Centre

Discover early Christian Ireland with the interactive displays at the Saint Patrick Centre. Learn how Patrick transformed himself from slave to saint and won Celtic society for Christ. An inspirational journey into the soul of an extraordinary man.



Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone

The Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone marks a 1300-year-old cemetery, where early Christians were buried in a curious synthesis of new beliefs and ancient customs. The stone itself recalls the standing stones that had been erected across this landscape for thousands of years, but its inscriptions anticipate the Celtic crosses that now define Christianity in Ireland.



Down Cathedral

Down Cathedral stands on a hill that has been a religious site since Christianity's earliest days in Ireland. Step inside and find spiritual solace, or marvel at the 1000-year-old high cross lovingly preserved in the nave.

Events in Newry, Mourne and Down

Sacred sites

St Bronagh’s Church in Rostrevor, Maghera Old Church in the shadow of the Mournes, Inch Abbey on the banks of the River Quoile. This region is bejewelled with sites from St. Patrick’s early ministry. Discover them for yourself.


St. Patrick's Trail

Walk in the footsteps of Ireland’s patron saint through the gorgeous countryside where he first began his ministry. See his first church at Saul, the holy wells of Struell where he sang hymns while bathing, and Down Cathedral where his body is buried. The trail also takes in fascinating places from the early Christian period like Inch Abbey and the Mound of Down.


Saul Church

Visit the very site where St. Patrick began his ministry at Saul Church, granted to him by the chief of his first converts. This carefully restored building is still imbued with sacred power.


Struell Wells

Struell Wells has been a site of religious pilgrimage since before Christianity's arrival in Ireland. Each one of these bathing houses is steeped in spiritual significance and historical curiosity.

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