Path of ancients

Enchanted forests
and mysterious

A constellation of enigmatic monuments. Stone spear heads and pottery shards. A few human and animal bones. Tantalisingly little remains of the civilisation that flourished across this region in the thousands of years after humans first arrived. Who were they? What did they believe? This is exploration for the imagination.

The past is a foreign country

Co Down and South Armagh’s ancient megaliths have drawn experts from all over the world – archaeologists, geologists, historians and spiritual seekers. Learn more about what they’ve found and what it means. You’ll discover that these enigmatic stones are remnants of an altogether different world.



Down County

Walk through time at the Down County Museum to discover Down's epic past - from ancient warlords to the Industrial Revolutions. See a stunning collection of artefacts left by Ireland's first peoples.


Ring of Gullion

Historical Coach Tours

Join local guide Una Walsh as she helps you to glimpse Gullion’s most remote past. She has a rich understanding of the rich natural and archaeological heritage of this area and tells its story in epic terms. Learn how the local environment and Europe-wide Celtic beliefs came together into a unique culture.


Ring of Gullion

Xhale Meditation &
Guided Tours

Join Ann Ward as she draws on ancient philosophy and contemporary thought in a unique practice to reconnect you with your true self. She will guide you through this beautiful landscape and its ancient heritage to help you shed stress and develop a new appreciation for the world and your place in it.

Events in Newry, Mourne and Down

Touch an ancient world

Our hills, meadows and mountains are studded with ancient monuments. Each one leaves tantalising hints about their builders – whether it’s aligned with the stars, stands over human and animal remains, or connects with other ancient monuments in far-flung parts. There’s nothing like being here and seeing for yourself.


Slieve Gullion

Passage Tomb

Clamber inside the sacred tomb on the top of Slieve Gullion. Wonder at the ancient people who laboriously carried thousands of stones up the mountainside to build it. Its passageway is carefully aligned with the rising winter solstice sun. It has inspired generations of myth and legend – Fionn Mac Cumhaill once passed this way.



Legananny Dolmen

The enormous upper stone of Legananny Dolmen has been balancing on its uprights for 4,500 years. Its curious name is derived from the Irish Liagán Áine, “Áine’s standing stone”, and commemorates the Irish goddess of summer. This is one of the most-photographed megalithic monuments in Ireland.

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