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Northern Ireland has become a home for HBO's flagship fantasy drama since it began shooting. Visit key Westerosi landmarks in Newry, Mourne and Down including Castle Ward. You might know it as Winterfell.

Step into Westeros

Escape to the world of Westeros at real filming locations. Wield the weapons, eat the food and visit the sites that appear in the show. This is the essential Thronie experience.


Castle Ward

Winterfell Tours

Experience Ireland's premier Game of Thrones visitor attraction. Loose arrows in Winterfell's archery yard, feast on medieval banquets. Meet the dogs who played the direwolves. Visit 20 Game of Thrones filming locations, and walk in the footsteps of Starks, Lannisters, and Baratheons. Visit Castle Ward - the setting for Winterwell, the tower Brian fell from, and The Twins, scene of the Red Wedding. A must-do for Thronies.

Events in Newry, Mourne and Down

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Castle Ward

Castle Ward

Old Castle Ward provided the perfect backdrop for the opening scenes of Game of Thrones. Stand in the very courtyard where Ned Stark and his ill-fated family first meet King Robert on his tour of the North. Nearby Audley’s Field and sixteen other spots in Castle Ward’s grounds have made their way into the show. Discover them all!

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The Cuan

Take a seat at the banqueting table in Winterfell's Great Hall for a Game of Thrones experience like no other. Feast on authentic Westerosi fare, washed down with fine Dornish wines, while you conspire against your dinner guests.