Heaven in a heartbeat

Discover Newry,
Mourne & Down

A place that is steeped in history and made for exhilaration. An astonishing landscape to set any heart racing. Wild outdoor adventures in the hills. The original world of Game of Thrones. The footsteps of St. Patrick himself. The ancient wisdom of the Celts and early saints. Whatever your idea of heaven, find it here.

Heaven in a heartbeat

Barreling down a forest trail, taking to the sea, or hiking into the stark landscape of the Mournes. There's something to set every pulse racing in Newry, Mourne and Down.

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Tight switchbacks and
insane descents

The Mournes are a mountain biker’s paradise. These granite hills have been carved by the elements over millions of years into rollers, berms and booters that challenge experienced riders, and make experienced riders out of novices.


Walking & hiking

Two feet and a heartbeat are all you need to enjoy this beautiful landscape that’s begging to be explored. Hike the Brandy Pad into the inner Mournes, following in the footsteps of liquor smugglers. Scale Slieve Gullion and survey an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Take to the paths of Tollymore Forest Park and its curious follies, or traipse through history on the St. Patrick’s Trail.


On the water

Our region is bounded by water. Carlingford Lough, bristling with castles in the shadow of the Mournes. Strangford Lough, where seals and migrating geese congregate on the shores. The fury and serenity of the wild Irish Sea. These are perfect places for swimming adventures, sport fishing, or simply messing about in boats.


Wild Outdoors

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Game of thrones

Northern Ireland has been a home for HBO’s flagship fantasy drama from the first snap of the clapperboard. Visit key Westerosi landmarks like Winterfell, The Twins, and the King’s Road.

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Game of

Be a Lord at

Climb the ladder of chaos, break the wheel and hold the door – you’re going to Winterfell. Step into the place where Game of Thrones began. Dress in costume, meet direwolves, loose arrows, plot your enemies’ downfall.


On location

Game of Thrones’ first scenes were shot at Castle Ward. Walder Frey’s stronghold, The Twins, were rendered against Audley’s Castle on the shores of Strangford Lough. The show’s stars took rooms at the Cuan, a guesthouse in Strangford Village.


Drink and know things

Quaff fine Dornish wines and exchange sardonic grins over an authentic Westerosi feast, prepared to recipes found in George R.R. Martin’s landmark novels.


Game of thrones

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Events in Newry, Mourne and Down

Path of ancients

The ice sheets retreated from our hills 13000 years ago. People soon took their place. Who were they? How did they see the world? What did they believe? Decipher the clues from a rich assemblage of ancient sites.

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A living past

Join us in celebrations of our deep past at a series of events across the region. Get inside the story of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, compete in age-old athletics, or witness the sacred moment when the solstice sun shines into the recesses of an ancient tomb.

standing-stone_kilnasaggart_Celtic_ancient_cross standing-stone_kilnasaggart_Celtic_ancient_cross
Of the

Experience the

The quaint roads, fields and hedgerows of our countryside are home to enigmatic places - dolmens, cairns, and court tombs built thousands of years ago. Who were the people that built them?
What was their purpose?

Cloughmore-stone_ancient_Fionn-Mac-Cumhaill_Rostrevor_mysterious Cloughmore-stone_ancient_Fionn-Mac-Cumhaill_Rostrevor_mysterious

Time Travel

Embark on a journey into the ancient past with local people who best understand our deep past. Get inside a genuine Celtic druid experience, learn combat and bush craft from Celtic warriors, or reconnect with quiet on a meditation retreat that draws on ancient wisdom.

Mourne-Wall_ancient_Slieve-Donard_history_wilderness Mourne-Wall_ancient_Slieve-Donard_history_wilderness
The Celts


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Path of ancients

St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, first came ashore and began his ministry right here. His work would transform Ireland, win its people for Christ, and establish a monastic tradition that saved Europe’s culture from the chaos of the dark ages.

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Walk in St. Patrick's

Get closer to Ireland’s patron saint by walking in his footsteps. Stand on the site of his first church. Visit sacred wells where he once bathed. Climb to the forbidding summits where ancient saints made their hermitages.


Stand in the sacred

Stand on the same ground as St. Patrick did when he founded his ministry at Saul Church. Pilgrimage to the sacred Struell Wells where he bathed. Explore a constellation of early Christian sites that dot our landscape – churches, monasteries and graveyards.

Immerse yourself
in his story

Visit the places that safeguard
St. Patrick’s legacy. Take some time in the serenity of Down Cathedral. Become engrossed in his life and teaching at the Saint Patrick Centre. See his impact ripple through time at Down County Museum.



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